We are delighted to welcome Dr. Zubin J. Daruwalla to our Editorial Team.

Daruwalla is a Senior Orthopaedic Surgical Resident at the National University
Hospital in Singapore, Alumnus of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and
a Director of Daruwalla Orthopaedic Spine & Hand Surgery in Singapore. He is also a specialty editor for MedShr in Orthopaedic Surgery!

He has been involved in a
number of studies looking at how telehealth can improve patient care and
outcomes, and has broad experience in health technology. He hopes to continue
clinical work and research with his interests in digital health, medical
education and healthcare consulting.

MedShr: What inspired you to
become a doctor?

The job satisfaction I saw in my father when I was growing up. It was a satisfaction that I felt could not be paralleled in any other career.

MedShr: What do you love about
your job?

: I
love showing care and compassion to my patients and alleviating their burden of
illness if and when I can. Together with what I call soft skills in the
practice and art of medicine, I am very excited to be part of the digital

MedShr: What are your hidden

: Administrative, organisational and packing skills!

MedShr: Why do you use MedShr?

It’s a simple and easy to use platform that promotes the
development of a global network of doctors and healthcare professionals. With
the sharing of information ultimately benefiting both users and more
importantly patients, MedShr truly has immense potential. Having integrated
solutions to existing problems with confidentiality, data protection and
consent already addressed, the platform is a great one stop shop for all
professionals in the healthcare industry and certainly a must-have for all
medical students and trainees.

You can view Dr. Daruwalla’s case on Paediatric Femoral Fracture and follow him on MedShr.

Connect with Dr. Daruwalla on LinkedIn.

Dr. Daruwalla’s Publications: 

Economic Timeshttp://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/health-files/the-art-of-medicine-in-the-era-of-telehealth/539





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