MedShr in a refugee camp: a junior doctor’s perspective

When I began applying medical theory to practice for the first time during my internships as a medical student, I realised that it was so much more complex than what the textbooks prepare you for. I relied on the support and guidance of more experienced doctors, and I learned a lot during this time. However, I always wondered if other doctors had experienced similar cases and how they had managed them. I was also fascinated by medicine in different countries around the world.


Protecting patient privacy in the digital age

There is no denying that technological innovation benefits all industries today, and the medical industry is no exception. The use of technology has transformed many aspects of everyday clinical practice, allowing medical professionals to offer higher quality and more efficient patient care than ever before. Today, doctors are increasingly relying on mobile technology for patient…

With more doctors joining MedShr and discussing cases, we wanted to highlight our wonderful Editorial team. These are medical professionals from all specialities and seniorities who volunteer their time and expertise to encourage colleagues to share and discuss interesting and challenging cases.Our first introduction is Mrs. Nadine Coull, a consultant urological surgeon at Kingston Hospital.…